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Lt. Solid Snake - Otakon 2016 Cosplay
If there's anything I can say about my cosplaying, it's that it's typically unconventional, and that's something I'm usually pretty proud of.

Following in the footsteps of Movie Mario, Bad Box Art Mega Man, and Balloon Fighter, I decided to make a bit of a jump and do a Metal Gear cosplay I'd long been interested in doing. But not just any Metal Gear cosplay -- I had to be Lieutenant Solid Snake from Snake's Revenge.

The game gets a lot of flack, simply for the fact that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima had nothing to do with it. Still, it's not a bad game at all, featuring great (albeit often loud) visuals and a terrific soundtrack. Kojima has joked about its perceived crappiness at the Game Developers Conference, but he's more often praised it, noting that he felt it was true to the spirit of Metal Gear and wasn't a bad game.

Side note: I consider the NES Metal Gears to be their own AU from the MSX originals. While I'll concede those may be better games, the NES title was what introduced a number of us to Metal Gear in the first place, its popularity leading to demand for Snake's Revenge, which of course led to the rest of the series when one of the latter game's developers asked Kojima to make his own sequel. There has to be some appreciation and respect for their roles in the grand scheme of things thanks to that.

Anyway, the pic shows most of what I had to work from along the left side (courtesy of Spriter's Resource), which is to say not much: Some inconsistent pixel artwork, mainly (not seen is the larger "side-scrolling" pixel art that contradicts these other two, which sort of contradict each other). I basically took the sum elements of all three and ran it through a sort of filter which was sort of like "if NECA was making a figure based on this version, what might it look like?" This included having a gun and knife with neon yellow on them in place of the flesh tone used in the limited color palette of the pixel art.

I'm mostly pleased with how it came out, but for one thing: The vest. I wanted a tactical vest, but finding one that would suit my purposes was damn near impossible. By the time I came across something I could dye, it was too late to order for the convention. So I went with a hunting vest that makes me look pretty fat instead. I'll be the first to admit that "Slim" is a nickname that would only ever be used ironically for me, but this vest really makes me look bloated.

Sadly, while my past cosplays have been fairly popular, this costume was pretty much a complete bust. I don't think anyone recognized it, despite the seeming infamy of this version of Snake -- not even the Metal Gear cosplayers I took pictures with! The fact that their shoot's timeline began at Metal Gear Solid probably says it all.

To top it all off, I got deathly sick on the last day of the con, but you can read about that and other adventures (such as a vastly delayed flight home and being sick for the better part of a month) here.

As for my Lt. Solid Snake costume? I think that one's being retired. As it is, I'm not even certain I'll do a cosplay this year.
Balloon Fighter - Otakon 2015 Cosplay
Not much of a story behind this one; the passing of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata came as a sudden shock to us all, and so I quickly revamped my Movie Mario costume into Balloon Fighter from the game Balloon Fight. It's one of my favorite games, so I had thought I might do this at some point anyway, and with his close association with the game, the time just felt right.
If you're wondering what's been going on with me lately, cast your eyes here.
For anyone wondering (all three of you), I'm still around. Just busy elsewhere. Keeping an eye on things, but I'll respond to comments/notes left for me and post some new stuff sometime soon-ish, maybe after Otakon.
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David Oxford
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